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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Google Plus What's Hot - Popular Posts 11th June

E3 2013 Upon Us, iOS7 Android?, Neil Patrick Harris Tony Performance & Europe Demands Answer from U.S. 

The talk of the town was tech, tech ,tech! iPhone with it's new and improved iOS7 and the gaming conferences of all gaming conferences #E32013.

There were clearly two different companies from both categories that were going to be the talk of the town, the question was, who will be victorious?

E32013 PS4 VS XboxOne

E32013 came out in spectacular form. Two of the heavyweight from the gaming community were out to do battle of who is the gaming god.

Though going in to this match there was a clear favorite being PS4 as XboxOne throughout the season failed to deliver in their Official XboxOne Unveiling conference some weeks ago. Coming out with some unheard talk by announcing that you can only lend games to your friends once and that's it. If your friend wanted to sell it, they can only sell it at selected retail stores, plus, having to pay a transfer fee. Which Microsoft adds they will not be profiting from these transfers. (Geez thanks!)
This of course made a lot of fans understandably angry and even the most hardcore took to YouTube for an almighty angry rant. XboxOne going in to the ring with an injury would they do well?

Then of course PS4. Gamers were on the edge of their seat calling, "Will Sony save us from this world of terror!?" There was so much chatter hitting the internet waves. Some stating Sony were going the same way.

Is this the end of gaming as we know it?

Can we not share thy pleasure of a video game!?

The Answer:

Yep you still can, on the Playstation 4. Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the next generation consoles - Playstation 4. It won not just because of a simple notion that is sharing but it offered so much more to gamers as a whole. More exclusives, innovative gameplay and XboxOne fell well short.

I'm not a PS4 fanboy. I'm a gamer fanboy. To me this is a sad day for gaming because I like variety. I love to try new things, experience other worlds. XboxOne just doesn't live up to "Next-Gen" status for me.

Will I buy it? I sure will because I don't want to see gaming go down and be bashed. They put a lot of hardwork in to it and I'll do my darndest to have a good time!
source: +Playstation

iOS7 Jellybean, Oh Wait?

Here is another epic battle of another kind. Apple VS Android. Two operating systems who are battling out to take the throne and dominate the mobile device market.

Android has certainly leveled the playing field with it's open platform, allowing companies to shape their phones in to whatever they want to do it, which is innovating and paving the way we use phones today. It has clocked up to 900 million active users since it's introduction in to the market.

Apple still has a strong user base but has been lacking in bringing out new hardware and especially software until now. Introducing the iOS7. Which no doubt has a very similar design from the lock screen, multi-tasking and home screen.

What do you think of the design?

Tony Performance Worthy of a Tony

Neil Patrick Harris has been a huge hit for me as the infamous womanizer Barney from How I Met Your Mother. A gay man playing the straightest of all straightest, sure did fool me.

After finding out he was gay there was no doubt his acting ability was one that flew under the radar.

From there I've seen him in several Award show song intros and skits but this one by far takes the cake. This is no doubt a BIG performance. Bravo sir, bravo!

source: +Jeri Ryan

Europe Demands Answers

After what has been no doubt one of the most breaking stories is the PRISM project story. NSA having access to top tier internet providers central servers with top CEO's calling this outlandish and that they only give information on specific person/s which is first looked at by Legal professional. Strongly denying they have a "backdoor" access to our information.

Europes leading figures are demanding answers from Obama as to why the U.S. are allowed to access their peoples information. It has certainly caused a stir and things will surely heat up over the next couple of weeks if nothing is done.

Obama has even come out stating that maybe they should reassess their constitution which he feels crosses the lines with other peoples privacy.

Does this mean some of these CEO's were lying?

What are your thoughts?
source: +The Guardian